Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Free and Best Battery Saver Android Applications

Android Battery Doctor

It helps to save power and also helps to kill tasks quickly then by improves your battery life.
Features :

-Help you to kill tasks quickly and reset your phone easily!
-Show battery health,temperature,talktime etc.
-To improve your phone’s battery,you should kill running tasks,adjust screen brightness(volume),turn off wifi, gps, bluetooth,Auto-sync etc.
-Battery Dr saver is the best Battery Improver/Battery Booster/battery saver tool.As your Battery Helper,it helps you to improve battery life .
-Icludes: Power Management(Battery Management),Battery Notifier, Battery Monitor,Power Control,task killer.

Battery Doctor

Juice Defender

Manage power according to your own preferences and extend the battery life of your Android with JuiceDefender. As if it had a mind of its own, this battery-saver app for Android puts the juice back into your device by automatically and transparently managing the most power-draining features of your phone, such as mobile data, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G connectivity and CPU speed.

Fully customizable, JuiceDefender has an intuitive layout, and it runs on its own once configured to your liking. Decide when to schedule regular synchronization events, enable or disable specific app connectivity or automatically toggle your Wi-Fi based on location. (Free for Android)

JuiceDefender has five power moderation profiles available out of the box. Balanced (the default) is exactly what it sounds like: JuiceDefender tries to maximise battery life without making a major impact on your phone's performance. 
Aggressive kicks in some extra battery-saving measures when power gets low, mainly by disabling connectivity entirely until you get the battery level back up to a certain point. Extreme disables all connectivity by default, requiring you to enable it manually whenever you need it, and toggles it back off again when the screen goes dark and data activity stops.
Juice Defender

2x Battery

While we all love to save battery life when using our phones, making the most of your data allowance could be an even greater bonus. The 2x Battery app turns off your mobile data connection when you’re not actively using it, reducing both battery drainage and data usage. Even better, it periodically toggles mobile data back on to keep your background data (email, calendar, Twitter, etc.) synchronized.

This free battery-saver app for Android doubles the power of your phone easily and efficiently, without the hassle of confusing menus and options no one understands. (Free for Android)
2x Battery focuses on cellular data connections. If it had any Wi-Fi-specific features, it would be outstanding. As it is now, it's only pretty good.

When enabled, 2x Battery can disable cell data whenever the screen dims or after a specific amount of time, but it can maintain the connection if any programs in a user-defined whitelist happen to be running. You can also set an intermittent interval to allow data connections with the screen off, so programs can talk intermittently to the network as needed.
2x Battery saver

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