Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Facebook Spam- "Verify Your Account" Notification

Facebook Spam preview

Facebook Team Says:

"We will never use any of the following methods to tell you information, or ask for you to take an action:
  • Your Wall 
  • An inbox message from a friend—in other words, chain letters.
  •  Messages spread through Applications—if an application is telling you that Facebook is about to shut down, report it.
Since there's been a lot of wrong information about Facebook spreading around, we'd like to clarify a few things for the record:
  • We are not shutting down accounts that are not "active" enough. 
  • We are not going to start charging you to use Facebook.
  • We will never ask you to send us your password or login information.
  • We will never put the responsibility on YOU to send information to your friends. If we have information we need to share, it's our job to get the word out.
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    When we do communicate to you about the site (with the exception of posts made on this blog http://blog.facebook.com/blog.php?post=7830237130 ) it will always be from a collective Facebook. You won't hear from me, personally, or from Mark, or from Dustin, or from any of the Facebook bloggers you've seen here.
So the next time you see a chain letter, chain wall post, or chain anything, report it to our User Operations team, and tell all your friends to ignore it. We could make a joke here about passing this entry on to ten of your friends, but that's not cool."

How to Verify Facebook Account?

Verify Your Facebook Account

Next I would like to share, what "Verify Facebook Account" Actually is.

you can verify your Facebook account, follow the steps mentioned below:
  • After you log in, you can verify your account by adding a mobile number to it.  
  • Enter your mobile number, starting with the country code (ex:91 for Indian numbers). Facebook will send you a confirmation code as a text message. Enter this code into the space provided to verify your account.
You can also do this from your Mobile Settings page (Account > Account Settings > Mobile).Note that you can only use your mobile phone to verify one account.After you verify your account, you can take advantage of more of Facebook's features. For example, once your account is verified you can personalize your profile (timeline) URL by adding a username to your account.

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